Technical adhesives



Aqualin Idrosil Naklin Resicol

Leuenberger’s range of water-based adhesives combines environmental sustainability and high performance, guaranteeing the highest levels of machinability, cleanliness and healthiness of the work environment, together with incredible versatility for the potential applications, ranging from book binding and labelling to industrial sacks, packaging and shopping bags.

Our water-borne adhesives are usable at ambient temperature. This makes them easy to use, non-toxic and non-flammable, and therefore safe and economical thanks to their low emissions, stability during storage and ease of cleaning due to the lack of filaments and homogeneity in coating and dosing. Their formulations offer solutions able to guarantee efficiency, quality and reliability, even in high-speed production processes.

Moreover, at a point in time when there is such a great focus on sustainability, the use of the wrong product could compromise all efforts in this direction.
A non-dispersible adhesive could contaminate the finished product or compromise the recycling process.

The Resicol C water-borne adhesives are designed to offer perfect functionality even with high- and very-high speed application systems. Products for bonding of paper and paperboard are designed to avoid foaming, filaments and clumping, and allow defect-free production in all climatic conditions.

For spray application of adhesives with nozzles, the Resicol C range is particularly recommended for perfect functionality without filaments or residue on the nozzles, and clean and safe gluing on all materials such as paints, UV, laminated and full printed backgrounds.

Bottom gluing of bags and shoppers requires high-viscosity Resicol B adhesives, which are stable and reliable under mechanical stress and in all environmental conditions. The Resicol B range guarantees production at the highest speeds with all types of paper – light, heavy, treated, aluminium coated and painted.

For plastic lamination, the Resicol F range is specifically designed for all types of film including OPP and metallised, does not foam even at very high speeds, and is resistant to creasing/hot forming for the production of lids, trays etc.

The Resicol HT range is specifically formulated for the production of rolls of paper tissue, guaranteeing maximum processing speed and functionality both for roller and nozzle application.

Completely synthetic adhesives for cold labelling of all types of glass containers, cold/hot pasteurised bottles, treated glass or HDPE, PET, PP bottles guaranteeing high tack, precise application at high speeds even for tricky neck labels, and clean labelling without spatter or filaments in the machine.

Adhesives for labelling of glass, tinplate 1st and 2nd operation, for the paper industry for the formation of spiral tubes, paper/paperboard bonding, based on environmentally sustainable natural raw materials, and compostable for a green economy.

Adhesives for labelling of HDPE, PET and PP plastic containers and the application of guarantee and state seals on all cap types.

Need a special formulation?

You can rely on our laboratory to create your perfect technical adhesive!