Technical adhesives


Termomelt Ecotop C L PX

Our range of Granular Hot Melt adhesives includes custom solutions for every application type, including the latest Metallocene Polyolefinic Hot Melt Adhesives, increasingly used particularly in the packaging sector thanks to their ability to offer high specific adhesion with rapid setting times, even on difficult, laminated or painted surfaces.

The excellent thermal stability that sets them apart translates into less carbonisation and therefore reduced maintenance, while their formulation allows you to use up to 30% less adhesive compared to EVA hot melt adhesives and to work at lower temperatures, ensuring maximum sustainability and energy savings.

Our Granulated Hot Melt Adhesives are products which are solid at room temperature and must be melted before application. Adhesion and cohesion occur during cooling, thanks to the thermoplastic properties of the components.

Their versatility allows for virtually unlimited applications in numerous sectors, guaranteeing high yields and reduced consumption, rapid production processes thanks to very short setting times, impeccable performance even on difficult or irregular surfaces, elastic bonding, reactivation by heat, and chemical and mechanical resistance.

Cutting-edge Hot Melt Adhesive based on metallocene polymers of the highest quality for the packaging, paper and binding sectors, and for special applications. Perfect functionality on all automatic plant systems even with vacuum feeders, excellent thermal stability, does not form filaments and does not foul up the systems, meaning reduced maintenance.

Suitable for freezing and packaging of hot products, and for all paper and paperboard products, prints and paints.
Also available in low-temperature version for reduced energy costs, and with yields 25 – 30% greater than with traditional products.

Granular Hot Melt Adhesives for the packaging and paper sectors, as well as special applications such as filters, mattresses, tobacco and heat sealing, with excellent adhesion on difficult painted or plastic laminated surfaces.

Excellent resistance to high temperatures and low temperatures.
Partly formulated with bio-based raw materials for a sustainable, green economy.

Granular Hot Melt Adhesives designed for the production of books, magazines, booklets and the publishing industry in general, also based on innovative raw materials which offer pull values similar to polyurethanes. The range includes:

  • Hot Melt Adhesive for soft binding, milled and sewn spines of books in normal, coated and full printed paper For roundable spines and excellent resistance to solvents contained in inks.
  • Granular Hot Melt Adhesives for lateral gluing

Specific Hot Melt Adhesives for production of fruit and vegetable packaging trays and boxes.

Functional Hot Melt Adhesives for all seasons in hot and cold environments on high-speed machines, both for very rigid and low-contrast cardboard.

FDA approved for food contact.

Need a special formulation?

You can rely on our laboratory to create your perfect technical adhesive!