The 3T Method

Much more than
just an adhesive

From the technical laboratory to the production lines, we have invested in industrial adhesives capable of exceeding any expectation and guaranteeing excellence in any field of application.

Solidity and expertise

Manufacturers in the field since 1931

Specialised laboratory

Research, development and ad-hoc analytical tests

The 3T Method

Technical, Tested, Tailor Made


Passion, care and respect

for the raw materials are central planks of our company philosophy, and have allowed our adhesives to become a cutting-edge technological solution.

Awareness of the importance of finding an adhesive which perfectly meets the needs of the market and brings the substrates together impeccably has led to the concept of

technical adhesives

From this point of view we codified the 3T Method (TECHNICAL – TESTED – TAILOR MADE) which is unique to Leuenberger and clearly accompanies you from the first visit to the supply of your technical adhesive, detailing every step.


Leuenberger adhesives are TECHNICAL ADHESIVES specifically for products requiring the highest levels of performance, without neglecting ease of use – important for you, and style – essential for your customer.

Our technicians are specialised and always in direct contact with our sales team, and are available for visits and training sessions at customer premises.


We have been developing adhesives since 1931: we have served companies small, medium and large, we have conducted industrial tests on hundreds of different production lines, we have replaced every type of adhesive and carried out TESTS on the most challenging materials.

From paper to glass, from metal and plastic right through to bonded composites, our customers use the widest range of materials to create objects of every type for a wide range of sectors. In order to meet all the numerous different needs and requirements, our laboratory guarantees a detailed procedure which guides the customer through the phases before, during and after the supply.


Moreover, every gram of Leuenberger adhesive, whether it is destined for the Italian market or for export, is manufactured exclusively in Italy at our two production sites in Crema, near Cremona.

This allows us not only to comply with the high quality requirements we set ourselves, but also to be extremely flexible in production, with the ability to MEET THE WIDEST RANGE OF NEEDS.

Leuenberger+C’s technical adhesives are stable over time, machinable, discreet and naturally environmentally compatible, because they are largely made from recyclable materials using production methods with low environmental impact.

All that’s left to do is get started!

Our specialist will identify all the information required to quickly identify your perfect technical adhesive.

Write to us or call and we will put you in contact with your nearest Leuenberger+C reseller.