About Us


An Italian Company beyond Borders

Since 1931, Leuenberger+C, a 100% Italian family company, has developed and manufactured industrial adhesives for a range of different industries.

Our company has, since its foundation, pursued a policy based on selection of raw materials and a culture and procedures of the highest level of quality, supplying our customers with top-of-the-range products that are stable over time.

We have always worked through continuous technological development, which has led us to be an innovative company with a strong focus on the environment.

Today, Leuenberger+C exports around 65% of its production value to over 80 countries, with two branch offices in France and Spain and a distribution network with which a long-standing trust-based relationship is in place.

One hundred years of activity

Hermann Leuenberger founded his first company marketing casein in Milan.



LEUENBERGER+C joined the Chamber of Commerce.

Hermann’s company evolved into a production plant for casein-based glue under the “Colla Leone” brand, specifically for gluing wood.

Under the management of Bruno and Werner, Leuenberger+C began the production of starch- and dextrin-based glues with the Naklin brand, a range of adhesives specifically for labelling and the graphic arts.



Leuenberger+C extended its production with the Resicol range, synthetic water-based glues for furniture and packaging.

The first production of Hot Melt adhesives and implementation of the complete range with the Termomelt brand, granular Hot Melt adhesives for packaging and bookbinding. Expansion of the range with Pressure-Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesives, products for bonding of foams, shoes, labels and many other applications.



Construction of a new production site on Via De Chirico in Crema, where two new lines with four reactors for the production of granular and pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesives are installed.

After the expansion of the Via De Chirico production site, the company headquarters and all production of water based adhesives is transferred.



Leuenberger+C began production of new ranges of free pack pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesives, increased its range of hot melt adhesives, and built a new site on Via Raffaello Sanzio, dedicated to production of the Ecotop range.

Export grew strongly, leading to the opening of two branch offices in France and Spain.



A new plant for the production of pressure-sensitive adhesives was installed and a dedicated warehouse for raw materials was built.

We installed systems to monitor and reduce emissions, increasing the efficiency of our processes, saving energy and minimising wastage.