Now more than ever, a product’s label is of key importance: it must represent the brand, attract the customer’s attention, tell a story and provide the information which helps them to make their choice. Undervaluing the importance of the label means compromising the customer experience not only when looking at the shelves, but also after purchase. The ideal adhesive attaches the label firmly yet in a flexible and elastic manner, protecting it from accidental detachment, stains, creases and bubbles in any condition it is stored and then used in: the refrigerator, ice bucket, environments with high humidity or with temperature variations.


Part of the range of specific technical adhesives for labelling of PET bottles with paper labels. Easy system cleaning. Vegan adhesive.
Vegan adhesive.From the same range, our specific technical adhesives for labelling of PE/PP plastic containers using paper labels, even difficult paper. High machinability and strong wet tack.

Termomelt FP
Extra-clear technical adhesives specifically designed for labelling with a no-label look. Eco-friendly Free-Pack packaging.


Versatile technical adhesives for applying paper labels to glass bottles. High machinability. Vegan adhesive.

From the same range:

  • the top-of-the-range technical adhesive specifically designed for applying difficult labels to wet bottles. Excellent initial grip, excellent resistance to high condensation and ice buckets.

  • the top-of-the-range technical adhesive specifically designed for labelling of glass even with seeping, wet, cold or treated bottles, including for gluing of neck labels and labels in heavy, rigid or plasticised paper. Resistance to condensation/leakage and ice buckets.

Termomelt C
Part of the range of granulated technical adhesives, featuring excellent plasticity and high hot tack. Effective on all paper labels, including heavy and rigid ones.

Termomelt FP

The FP range features multi-purpose PSA technical adhesives for paper labels and BoPP film on PET containers for carbonated beverages. Eco-friendly Free-Pack packaging. From the same range, the low-migration PSA technical adhesive which is particularly suitable for lightweight labels. Eco-friendly Free-Pack packaging.

Termomelt FP
Water-soluble PSA technical adhesive specifically for recyclable PET bottles (PetCycle certification of minimum solubility 30-35%). Eco-friendly Free-Pack packaging.

Aqualin – cutting-edge completely synthetic cold adhesives for labelling of glass and plastic bottles on high-speed systems. Versions resistant to immersion in cold water, or easily washable for returned bottles and vegan versions.

Naklin – adhesives based on natural materials for labelling of glass bottles and tin plate.

Termomelt FP hotmelt adhesive for labelling of PET bottles, tin cans, in practical free pack packaging. Transparent no label look versions, washable for returned bottles and oil free (Mosh/Moha).

Hotmeltadhesives for wrap around labels and straws on cartons.

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