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Long-Term Outlook

The Distinctive Traits of


Long-term outlook and flexibility

We are a family company with deep roots in tradition, commitment and shared values, which are reflected in the attention we dedicate to every aspect of our work and our focus on the excellence of the individual results.

We guarantee rapid decision making, open communication and fast responses to changes in the market, which permeate the entire corporate structure.


Made-to-Measure Solutions

The Leuenberger+C R&D team is composed of highly qualified chemists tasked with identifying and formulating new adhesive technologies and supplying tailor-made solutions for specific requirements with the development of optimised and customised adhesives.


In search of the best solutions

Our story of success has been built through continuous research to achieve the best quality of our products, believing that quality and stability is the key to success on the market.


In search of the best solutions

Sustainability has become a key pillar in the adhesives industry and the goal of Leuenberger+C is to save energy and reduce waste by increasing the efficiency of our processes each and every day, through concrete practices designed to balance financial decisions with their environmental impact.