We pursue growth and expansion on a global scale, in keeping with our family identity, with the goal of being a trusted partner in the evolution and innovation of those who put their projects in our hands.


On the strength of our technological know-how and production versatility, we are constantly engaged in R&D to create advanced adhesive solutions, providing a guarantee of totally integrated production, always with an eye on sustainability of our products, our processes and, more generally, our approach.


We our proudly rooted in the wealth of our past achievements, nearly 100 years of commitment and dedication. We look to the future with the constancy of those who know that the past is just a chapter in our constant evolution.

Our competence is the foundations on which our evolution is built. Every day we are committed to achieving excellence, refining our ability to always offer the most to our customers and our daily challenges. Our constant thirst for knowledge drives us to keep up to date, and to embrace an ever-wider and aware vision in a world which is constantly evolving.

Our presence translates daily into establishing a solid presence which extends beyond borders. We are committed to building significant connections, positioning ourselves as a reliable and recognisable point of reference in every area in which we operate.

Our heart and production is entirely Italian. For us, Italian-made products mean care, artisan quality, distinctive design and an unaltered commitment to guaranteeing standards of excellence in our products and our relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers.

We stand at the forefront with determination, stubbornness and courage, an attitude rooted in our identity and the spirit that sets us apart. We want to be pioneers, anticipating the market and being part of it right from the beginning. This is our passion, our DNA.

Our philosophy is based on transparency, with a commitment to communicating openly and honestly. Every decision, action and process is permeated by a total commitment to providing clear and accessible information, creating an environment in which trust is cultivated through clarity and honesty.

People are at the centre of everything we do. We support a work environment which promotes personal growth and well-being, contributing to building a strong and cohesive community.

Growth is our engine. Beyond financial success, we are committed to grow as individuals, as a team and as a company. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn, innovate and progress.

We have chosen to make a profound commitment to our planet and to society. Every action, every process and our production takes into account its environmental and social impact, since we believe that sustainability is the key to building a more responsible future.

The city of Crema has been our home for nearly 100 years. We are committed to making a positive contribution to its growth and prosperity, recognising the special link we have with the surrounding community. We are more than a company, we are an integral part of our local area.