Our range of Tissue adhesives guarantees the best results in tube forming, layer lamination, first and last flap bonding of toilet paper, kitchen rolls and other tissue products.
We know that energy consumption is very important in the efficiency of tissue production machinery, which is why all our adhesives are designed to offer the best performance even on applicators that use low environmental impact technologies.
In terms of customer experience, we know that softness and absorbency are essential and this is why we have designed every adhesive in the range to ensure maximum comfort of use, respect for the skin and a high aesthetic performance.


Core winding (tube formation)

Resicol HT 601 | Versatile water-based technical adhesive for medium-low speed processing. Thanks to the strong initial grip and excellent specific adhesion, it is suitable for the formation of double strip tubes. The adhesive is 75% water dispersible in accordance with EN1720, and is recommended for recycling materials in paper mills.

Lamination of plies

Resicol HT 622 | Water-based technical adhesive that is excellent for medium-high speed processing. Thanks to its high initial tack, it is suitable for coupling paper plies for domestic use (tissue paper) and coupling plies of toilet paper and industrial rolls. Excellent machinability.

Tail sealing (last flap)

Resicol HT 644 | Water-based technical adhesive with high wet tack, suitable for closing the last flap of toilet paper and kitchen paper rolls. Maximum ease to separate once dried. Excellent machinability.

Pick Up (first flap)

Resicol HT 633 | Water-based technical adhesive with high wet tack for initial grip. Suitable for bonding the first flap of toilet paper and kitchen paper. It leaves no residue once dried. Perfect release without the fibre tearing.