From plasters to more advanced medical applications, adhesives are also essential in medicine. The range of Leuenberger adhesives for the medical sector meets high standards of safety and purity, thanks to the thorough selection of the best raw materials from suppliers with proven experience in the field. We pursue excellence, offering products that are stable over time, with low or no chemical odours and excellent machinability. As for the personal hygiene sector, our adhesives comply with the regulatory requirements of the sector.


Masks, drapes and gowns for medical use (Non Woven Fabric)

Termomelt HDB 932 | PSA technical adhesive with high adhesion on a wide range of elastics, excellent resistance to creep and excellent bonding on Non-Woven Fabric.

Termomelt HDL957 | PSA technical adhesive that is specific to laminate all types of Non Woven Fabric and PE plastic films.