Today, the label of a product is essential more than ever: it must represent the brand, attract the customer's attention, tell a story and provide information to help them choose. Underestimating the importance of the adhesive will penalise the customer experience not only as they stand in front of the shelf, but also after the purchase. The ideal glue will firmly fix the label but flexibly and elastically, protecting it from accidental detachment, stains, creases and bubbles in whatever condition it is stored and then used: refrigerator, ice bucket, damp environments or with sudden temperature changes.



Aqualin 14 | A technical adhesive that is specific for labelling PET bottles with paper labels. Easy cleaning of the system. Vegan adhesive.

Aqualin 11 | A technical adhesive that is specific for labelling PE/PP plastic containers of paper labels, even difficult ones. High machinability and strong wet tack.

Termomelt FP 821 | Technical adhesive in an extra transparent colour, which is specific for no-label look labelling. Eco-friendly Free-pack packaging.


Aqualin 50 | A versatile technical adhesive for paper labels on glass bottles. High machinability. Vegan adhesive.

Aqualin 51 | A top-of-the-range technical adhesive that is specific for difficult labels on wet bottles. Excellent initial grip, high resistance to hyper-condensation and the ice bucket.

Naklin 130 | A top-of-the-range technical adhesive for labelling glass, including transudate, wet, cold or treated glass, and also for gluing collars and labels in heavy, rigid or laminated paper. Resistance to exudation and ice bucket.


Termomelt C 766 | Technical adhesive in grains, with excellent plasticity and high hot tack. Effective on all paper labels, even heavy and rigid.

Carbonated PET bottles

Termomelt FP 822 | A multi-purpose PSA technical adhesive for BoPP paper and film labels on PET containers for carbonated beverages. Eco-friendly Free-pack packaging.

Termomelt FP 824 | PSA technical adhesive with low migration and particularly suitable for light labels. Eco-friendly Free-pack packaging.

Termomelt FP 826WS | PSA water-soluble technical adhesive that is specific for recyclable PET bottles (PetCycle certification of minimum solubility 30-35%). Eco-friendly Free-pack packaging.