Leuenberger chooses clean energy

Leuenberger’s commitment to sustainability marked a new, important milestone: from June 26 2020 two photovoltaic fields covering the company buildings came into operation, for a total of 1,447 405W SunPower® Performance modules and 6 ABB three-phase inverters.

The two plants, now running at full capacity, will produce 630,000 kWh of renewable energy every year for 25 years, allowing energy savings of 27% on our annual needs and avoiding the emission of approximately 335,000 kg of CO2 per year (count performed on the basis of to data from the Ministry of the Environment, according to which each kWh used in Italy emits 0.531 kg of CO2).

“I believe that SMEs play an important role in creating sustainable development paths that can have a positive impact on the territory – said Alessandro Leuenberger, COO of Leuenberger +C – This is why we are committed to take every opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of our company and encourage a daily culture of sustainability”.